English, Composition, Rhethoric

Beginning English/LA  

08/24 - 04/23  M/W 9:30-10:30 AM 


Using the Shurley English Method, students will master the various parts of speech through labeling and creating sentences. They will also compose three-point paragraphs consisting of point of view, time-ordering, persuasive essay, writing with dialogue, narrative writing, and descriptive writing. Students will also have the opportunity to develop and practice their speech skills as they take turns presenting their writing to the class. For elementary students. 

TEXTBOOK: Shurley Englsh 3 Student Workbook 



Middle School Composition

08/24 - 04/23 M/W 2:00-3:30 PM

​Using Institute for Excellence in Writing's popular Teaching Writing Structure & Style, students will use history-themed texts to earn to:

  • outline and summarize

  • generate cohesive paragraphs

  • create stories

  • produce reports and critiques

  • develop essays

  • translate their thoughts and ideas into writing

  • vary sentence structure

  • use interesting vocabulary

  • add literary devices

Students will complete a weekly essay and will each have the opportunity to present their essay to the entire class. At the end of the year students will present a research paper on an historical figure.

The curriculum also includes some suggested historical reading that will be discussed in class.

TEXTBOOK: IEW Ancient-History Based Writing Student Workbook




08/24 - 04/23 M/W 10:30-Noon

Much of the classical tradition intended to speak and write what is true, good, and beautiful.  Greeks and Romans taught much about sound reasoning, orderly thinking, and clear communication. They didn’t teach us much about how to love one’s opponent. Jesus called us to love our neighbor as our self. A Rhetoric of Love asks how we can do that in our speaking and writing and living. How ought Christ’s followers to try to persuade others? How should their rhetorical efforts look different from those of the world around? How can they seek to persuade with empathy, understanding, compassion? How can they listen to others—really listen—and then speak truth in love? This class is intended for high school students. 

TEXTBOOK: Rhetoric of Love



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