Music Instruction

 Music Theory

08/24 - 12/14

Music Theory & Sight reading for beginners introduces the basics of music theory. This course is designed to help the beginning music student, or those students with limited background in music theory, study the basic elements of music. Topics include tones, rhythm, scales, key signature, time signatures, intervals, chords, beginning level melodic and rhythm dictation, ear- training and sight singing skills.


This course is designed fo students age 7 and up. 



Group Recorder 

08/24 - 12/14

The Group Recorder Class is for both students who have experience playing the recorder and beginners.  Students will engage in playing exercises, folk tunes, and hymn tunes.   This course will include the basics of reading music, understanding basic rhythms, developing techniques, and learning how to play musically. Great for younger students! 



Beginning Flute


Learn to play the flute by starting on the fife or recorder!  The beginner will learn to read music, understand basic rhythms, develop good tone, and learn how to play musically.  Lessons included music theory, exercises, folk tunes, and hymn tunes for the beginner student.


$260 Group

$320  Private/semester

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